Festival Announcements

It’s like Christmas!  Okay, yeah, it’s the Holiday season right now, but all these festivals being announced the past week has me both super excited and super sad.  You see my friends, this music lover still has to work a day job to pay the bills.  More importantly, I work a day job so I can attend as many live shows as I can. 
With having a day job, there are “responsibilities”.  All I want to do is say “Screw it!” and head out on a road trip.  I’ve done that.  A long time ago, when I was much younger and didn’t care where I laid my head at night.  But now, with age, comes comfort.  Gone are the days when  I would have my camping gear and sleeping bag and head off to one Grateful Dead show to another.  Now I want a hotel room with a nice bed, WiFi, and a shower.  Free breakfast is nice too.


This past week, however, has made me want to just buy all the tickets and not work for an entire month.  But in order to buy said tickets and have a decent hotel room, I need to work.  Okay, done with the whining about wanting to live at a music festival. I’m sure the topic will come up again (yeah, we all know it will).



My #1 pick for upcoming 2018 rock festivals has been Rocklahoma.  They haven’t announced their line up yet, but if Rock on the Range, Welcome to Rockville and most recently announced Carolina Rebellion are any indicators of who will be at Rocklahoma I am fucking stoked!
So far, I’ve seen the following festivals announced:
Welcome to Rockville.  April 27-29, 2018. The headliners here include Godsmack, Stone Sour, Ozzy, Foo Fighters and AX7.  There are some great “smaller bands” playing as well. Bands like Parkway Drive, Asking Alexandria, the new version of STP (Stone Temple Pilots), Halestorm and to me what seems like the newest darling on the scene Greta Van Fleet (aka the band that has the singer that sounds like Robert Plant).  I’d love to go to this festival, but I’m already committed to seeing Judas Priest in Tulsa that weekend. 
Fort Rock.  April 28th & 29th (tickets go on sale Friday, December 8th).  This festival is sharing headliners Godsmack, Stone Sour, Ozzy as well as Halestorm, STP, and Bullet for My Valentine.  It’s a good thing it’s in Ft. Lauderdale, because that would be some weekend for the headliners. At least they just have to come down from Jacksonville for this show.  Ozzy is an old man!  How can Sharon make him tour like this!  Of course, as a selfish fan, I’d love to see Ozzy again and again. I’ve seen him 3x in the past 30 years.  Again, missing this show because of Tulsa commitments.  Unless I can convince our crew to leave after the Priest show to head down to Florida.
Carolina Rebellion.  May 4th – 6th, 2018.  Again, festival sharing some headliners.  Godsmack and Stone Sour.  Along with STP, Alice in Chains, Muse, 5FDP, Pop Evil, Sevendust, Halestorm, In this Moment (fuck yeah!) and Texas Hippie Coalition is a great line up.  I really want to go to this, but alas, day job.  Drummer needs to get on these crews for these festivals so I can tag along.  LOL
Rock on the Range.  May 18th – 20th.  Godsmack, Tool, APC,(Maynard doing double duty!), AX7, Stone Sour, STP, Three Days Grace, Greta Van Fleet and so many others.  This is one week before I leave for Rocklahoma.  In fact, I leave NY for Pryor, OK the day after the festival ends. 


Spring 2018

It’s not just festivals coming around in the late winter/early spring 2018.  February I’m going to see Nothing More.  I’m seeing Judas Priest TWICE.  Once in March in NJ and again in April in Tulsa.  BLS is playing at the end of January near me.  Fozzy comes around the beginning of April.  So many shows to choose from!
Summer has the Foo Fighters coming to NYC.  There are other venues I’m waiting for their lineups to be announced before I spend any more money on tickets.
I really hope that when Rocklahoma gets announced on Monday, December 11th, the very least Godsmack will be on the ticket as well as the new version of STP.  I’d love to see In this Moment and Nothing More there again as well.  I think Stone Sour will be a long shot. They were supposed to play Rocklahoma last year, but that was the day the storms blew through.  I was so bummed.  Stone Sour runs off to Europe starting June 1st, so I don’t think they’ll make it to Rocklahoma again.  But a girl can hope! 
My favorite part of Rocklahoma is the Axis Stage. It has nothing to do with that Drummer is one of the crew on that stage, though that’s a bonus, but I love getting to hear the unsigned bands.  It’s how I became a huge fan of Arson City.  Plus, I’m always a big fan of the guys in Screaming Red Mutiny and I’m hoping that they will be there once again.
2018 concert season is already shaping up to be a good one.  What bands/festivals are you looking forward too?  Leave it in the comments below.