Otherwise known as “The Days Between”.  At least that’s what me and my friends call these days between Jerry’s birthday and the day of his death.  Today is Jerry Garcia’s birthday.   He would’ve been 75 today.  I like to think that if he was still alive he’d be out there touring.  Just like his former bandmates do now.

Being a Deadhead changed my life.  I met a fantastic group of people I call “family”.  We all stick by each other, at least the core group does.  We’ve all had struggles but we “Jerry on” as my friend Jay would say.

This week is always a mixed emotional week for me.  My day job requires my attention more than usual this month.  I have birthdays for two people who mean a lot to me to celebrate.  Sadly, my BFF’s birthday is the same day Jerry died.  I still remember her walking in and saying “It’s not my fault!” that fateful day.

While I listen to all sorts of music, and it’s quite a mixed bag.  Jerry and the Dead still hold most of my heart.  When I’m sad or anxious, I can put on a tune and relax.  When I miss my friends, besides calling/writing them, I can play a song and be reminded of them and their love.

Jerry gave us all a gift and those of us who followed him knew it.  We were lucky to have had him in our lives for 53 years, many of those he toured constantly and brought joy to thousands.

Jerry on, my friends!