Welcome to my little corner that celebrates music, books, a love of cats and weird obsessions with pop culture.  I mostly talk about music, specifically about bands and shows I love.  You might catch a nerdy reference to Star Wars, Batman and anything about Tolkien.  There may be days I devote an entire post to the best companion a nerdy music loving gal like me can have, my cat Shadow.  She’s the beauty featured in the header shot.
You may already have noticed my nerdiness showing off in this blog’s title “The Ink’d Scrivener”.  You English majors probably already noted “Scrivener” I took from Melville’s short story titled “Bartleby the Scrivener” who preferred not to do much with his life.  Why the word “Ink’d”. Clever play on writing?  Maybe.  Tattoos?  Maybe.  Both?  Yep.  I love to write and have since well, let’s not talk about how long and I have a few tattoos.  This is my way of being “clever”. 
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I’m glad you stopped by.  I hope you stay.  Feel free to email me at tspeechley@theinkdscrivener.com or leave a comment on a post.  Rock on!